Bi-weekly and Monthly maintenance visits for

pools and spas.

We have custom packages that can include all

of these available services:

  • Attends the pool & spa every morning.

  • Inspects pool & spa as well as deck area for

        any problems that may arise.

  • 5-inch fully supportive upright (13 cm)

  • Tests waters and adjust the chemical balance

       as needed.

  • Vacuums as needed.

  • Cleans water line in spa and pool.

  • Cleans covers and deck area to keep them

        free of debris.

  • Inspects pumps, heaters, filters and

       chlorinators for correct function.

  • Maintains and repairs pool support equipment.

  • Chemicals (free delivery if chemicals in stock)

  • Provides water samples to CRD as required.

  • Changes Spa water as necessary.