Delta Ultraviolet's Elektra® AquamaticTM (EA) series of

UV sanitizers have been designed specifically for small

swimming pools, ponds, spas, and water features. With

four different models in three different Series, thes units

can be used in applications where the circulation

systems have a water flow ranging from 6 gallons per

minute (23 LPM) to 69 GPM (261 LPM). In addition to

being available in 120V and 240V 50/60 Hz models in both

imperial and metric union sizes, these systems have a

variety of exclusive features not found elsewhere at this

price level.

Exclusive features include a 316 Stainless Steel housing

that allows for 360┬░ rotation of the inlet and outlet

unions for ease of installation, to the simple design of

the lamp chamber that makes re-lamping of the unit a

simple job that can be accomplished by even the least

mechanical person in 2-3 minutes. Another key exclusive

features not commonly found in similar units is the

inclusion of unions at each end of the Stainless Steel

housing, which allows for 360┬░ rotation of both inlet

and outlet ends for universal piping options as well as

the total disassembly of the Stainless Steel housing to

facilitate cleaning of the quartz tube, should it be